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real quick

notice that romney talked about wives at home while their husbands are at war

and obama just said “military spouses”.

micro leads to macro, that inclusion, even in language, is important

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  • No one: So how do you balance being a father and a husband with being an athlete?



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But seriously…it’s bad.



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But seriously…it’s bad.


“ What do you think street harassment is about? Sex? Benign flattery? Attraction? Women who can’t just suck it up and deal?

It’s power. Catcalls, sexist comments, public masturbation, groping, stalking and assault: gender-based street harassment makes public places unfriendly, frightening and dangerous for many girls, women, and LGBQT people.

It’s power to control public spaces. Power to alter paths. Power to shame, scare and intimidate. Power to define what is safe and what is not. It’s the power to say: “I’m entitled to touch you, comment on your body, coerce you to smile, control your movement.” Even when women perceive catcalls as flattering, they are nonetheless aware that it’s an unpredictable degree away from possible harm. ”

International Anti-Street Harassment Week: 10 Things You Can Do To Stop Street Harassment (via wewantrevolutiongirlstylenow)

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“ If dudes were genuinely concerned about ‘being trapped by a woman getting pregnant’, they have within their means a fairly reliable way to stop it, use a fucking condom. Getting dudes to wear condoms is like trying to take the cat to the vet, it’s kicking and screaming all the way. ”

FAB Libber (via thruflowheater)

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“ While everyone was praising Nas for his ‘Daughters’ track, I was underwhelmed and perplexed at how his lyrics could be interpreted as “positive.” I see no positive message in reinforcing a culture that elects to put “extra” (read: locked up in a tower Rapunzel style) parenting on their daughters but not the same for their sons. If we spent more time raising our sons with same ‘caution’ we do our daughters, we’d have nothing to fear. THIS convo would not be happening. Granted, women face more danger, I don’t care who agrees with that or not. We do. Danger inflicted on us by men. Yes. So wouldn’t it make more sense to…oh, raise better men? Just an idea…In the same way your daughter can get pregnant, your son can get someone pregnant. In the same way your daughter can be violated, your son can be too. Or worse, he can be the one perpetuating that violence. Someone has to be “those predators” right? They are someone’s son. It could be your son. But no one wants to preach “don’t rape” we’re in the habit of putting the sole responsibility on the ones we were originally in the business of protecting. “Don’t GET raped! DON’T GET RAPED!” Boys are allowed to embody the patriarchal heteronormative privileges of doing whatever the hell they want to do, when they want to do and how they want to do. With little concern to whom is on the receiving end of those potentially dangerous activities. If we continue police state parenting for our daughters and ‘boys will be boys’ laissez-faire for our sons we WILL CONTINUE TO LOSE. ”

Dash, ‘We Need to Start Raising Our Sons‘  (via venusgenus)

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Jay Smooth talks about the sexist male gaming culture (with respect to the Feminist Frequency/Anita Sarkeesian Kickstarter campaign: http://www.feministfrequency.com/2012/06/harassment-misogyny-and-silencing-on-youtube).

Favorite line from the video: “..that when you bully and harass a woman for speaking her mind, all you do is show us that you’re afraid of that woman’s voice and you don’t think you can beat her intellectually without using a cheat code.

Jay Smooth is about to become a regular occurrence on this blog. Just y’all see

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47% of people who play video games are women



That blew my mind- the notion that most people who play games are male is just flat wrong.

Gamer girl right here! So the next time someone says sexism in video games doesn’t matter because video games are only played by men*, tell them to shut the FUCK UP.

*I’ve seriously heard this argument before.

Middle-aged women are actually the fastest growing demographic for video games. Farmville and Bejeweled have ushered in a new age of casual gamer. And as more and more women learn how much they like basic video games, a decent amount of them will decide to try PC and console games. (And then a portion of them will end up like me, up too late playing WoW, Diablo, and Tropico. Horde HOLLAAAAA)

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“ Sociologists use the term “androcentrism” to refer to a new kind of sexism, one that replaces the favoring of men over women with the favoring of masculinity over femininity. According to the rules of androcentrism, men and women alike are rewarded, but only insofar as they are masculine (e.g., they play sports, drink whiskey, and are lawyers or surgeons w00t!). Meanwhile, men are punished for doing femininity and women… well, women are required to do femininity and simultaneously punished for it. ”

Androcentrism: It’s Okay to Be a Boy, but Being a Girl… » Sociological Images

I think the ‘women are required to do femininity and simultaneously punished for it’ bit sums up 90% of sexism in one sentence.

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People really hate the idea that they’re the product of society…


They’re convinced that their special snowflake-dom has allowed them to rise above the rabble and be a wholly independent human being. I’m sorry but society has fucked us all up, it’s fucked me up and it’s fucked you up. That society is fucked up in a lot fundamental racist, sizeist, and sexist ways (and even many more ways than that). 

I know that’s a frightening concept: that you might not be in control of your every thought and persuasion. But what you gotta do is grow from it. Understand how you trained, how you were conditioned, what are the lies TV, movies, and your parents told you. Think about it critically and then think about the answers you come to for those questions and ultimately work to improve it for the next generation.

Society has fucked us up, but we’re still a part of that society so let’s work to make it less fucked up so it’ll fuck people up less.


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“ America’s measurement of me has lain like a barrier across the realization of my own powers. It was a barrier which I had to examine and dismantle, piece by painful piece, in order to use my energies fully and creatively. It is easier to deal with the external manifestations of racism and sexism than it is to deal with the results of those distortions internalized within our consciousness of ourselves and one another. ”

Audre Lorde in “Eye to Eye: Black Women, Hatred, and Anger (via daniellemertina)

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