"Just One Of The Guys" from The Voyager featuring Anne Hathaway, Brie Larson, Kristen Stewart and Tennessee Thomas.

"The Voyager" out July 29 -

Seriously my favorite song rn. Kristen Stewart in drag. That is all.




"When I got into the music industry a majority of female artists I’d seen were trying to regurgitate an ideal of the female image. They were trying to be almost a replica of what was popular. I just found that to be very boring and dishonest. I just wanted to be in control of my clothes. I wanted that choice. That’s the only thing that I’m saying. Women should not be marginalized. We shouldn’t play into the sexism." - Janelle Monae [x[

Once again for the people who insist on using Jane as the mascot for their respectability politricks and bullshit. Just seen some clowns trying to use her to tear down Rihanna the other day. Cut that shit out.

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Meghan Trainor - All About That Bass

Singing about body positivity! 


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The Donnas - Take It Off

The Donnas

Take It Off


Take It Off | The Donnas

ALL the college feels.

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LGBTQ* Musicians, Blues, and Music History You Should Know

Gertrude ‘Ma’ Rainey

Gertrude Malissa Nix Pridgett Rainey, better known as Ma Rainey (April 26, 1886 — December 22, 1939) was one of America’s earliest successful blues singers. 

What’s Queer* about her music?

‘Ma’ was openly (in her circles) bisexual. She was once arrested in Chicago (1925) for hosting an ‘indecent party.’ The party was shut down due to the room being full of scantily clad women and the raucous being hosted by a female driven party.

‘Ma’ highlighted her love for women in her song ”Prove It On Me Blues.”

They say I do it, ain’t nobody caught me

Sure got to prove it on me;

Went out last night with a crowd of my friends,

They must’ve been women, ‘cause I don’t like no men.

It’s true I wear a collar and a tie,

Makes the wind blow all the while

Don’t you say I do it, ain’t nobody caught me

You sure got to prove it on me.

Say I do it, ain’t nobody caught me

Sure got to prove it on me.

I went out last night with a crowd of my friends,

It must’ve been women, ‘cause I don’t like no men.

Wear my clothes just like a fan

Talk to the gals just like any old man

Cause they say I do it, ain’t nobody caught me

Sure got to prove it on me.

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How to like problematic things



  • know they’re problematic
  • know why they’re problematic
  • don’t dismiss people’s feelings/dissatisfaction with them
  • don’t silence people when they’re talking about the problems in your media, because your enjoyment is not more important than that discussion. 

Congratulations, you’ve reached the minimum level of decency for being a person who enjoys things that might be problematic. 

this! it’s ok to enjoy problematic things but discussing WHY it’s problematic is also good news bears.

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[willow smith — i am me]

For those who asked, this is what I was referencing in THIS post about Willow Smith and all the racist, sexist, ageist and even homophobic BS that’s been coming down on her. What’s the scariest thing in America? A 13 year old WoC not giving a SHIT about your validation, apparently.

Haters to the left, plz. 

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Destiny's Child - Bootylicious

Destiny's Child




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Julia Fowlis

Julia Fowlis



Touch the Sky | Julie Fowlis for the Brave Soundtrack


“ While everyone was praising Nas for his ‘Daughters’ track, I was underwhelmed and perplexed at how his lyrics could be interpreted as “positive.” I see no positive message in reinforcing a culture that elects to put “extra” (read: locked up in a tower Rapunzel style) parenting on their daughters but not the same for their sons. If we spent more time raising our sons with same ‘caution’ we do our daughters, we’d have nothing to fear. THIS convo would not be happening. Granted, women face more danger, I don’t care who agrees with that or not. We do. Danger inflicted on us by men. Yes. So wouldn’t it make more sense to…oh, raise better men? Just an idea…In the same way your daughter can get pregnant, your son can get someone pregnant. In the same way your daughter can be violated, your son can be too. Or worse, he can be the one perpetuating that violence. Someone has to be “those predators” right? They are someone’s son. It could be your son. But no one wants to preach “don’t rape” we’re in the habit of putting the sole responsibility on the ones we were originally in the business of protecting. “Don’t GET raped! DON’T GET RAPED!” Boys are allowed to embody the patriarchal heteronormative privileges of doing whatever the hell they want to do, when they want to do and how they want to do. With little concern to whom is on the receiving end of those potentially dangerous activities. If we continue police state parenting for our daughters and ‘boys will be boys’ laissez-faire for our sons we WILL CONTINUE TO LOSE. ”

Dash, ‘We Need to Start Raising Our Sons‘  (via venusgenus)

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En Vogue - Free Your Mind

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(via Fiona Apple’s Letter To Gay Teen Goes Viral)


(via Fiona Apple’s Letter To Gay Teen Goes Viral)

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It was bound to happen. Where’s the Meryl one?


It was bound to happen. Where’s the Meryl one?

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this music video is really Important because:

a. women reclaiming public space/space where harassment occurs
b. reappropriation of physical harassment thru the use of handprint imagery
c. reappropriation of masculine object (baseball bat) for self-defense by women
d. men shown performing physical labor as work/women shown performing physical labor for pleasure
e. deconstruction of ageism thru the inclusion of young & elderly women being complete badasses
f. centering around performance by women of color, which is refreshing when we as a culture just had to deal with the fucking white girl mafia
g. doooooope. beat. not going to pretend i don’t love this song (or rye rye in general)

Good. Fucking. Shit.

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“ In August of 1990 I found myself laying on my stomach in the woods with a pair of binoculars, a bottle of Canadian Club, and my friend Kurt Cobain. The reason why I had the binoculars was because I was the lookout while he ran across the street to a “teen pregnancy center” that had just opened in our town. It really wasn’t a teen pregnancy center, it was a right-wing con where they got teenage girls to go in there and then told them they were going to go to hell if they had abortions. Since Kurt and I were angry young feminists in the ’90s we decided that we were going to do a little public service that night. We drank our Canadian Club and he watched out while I went across the street and wrote, “Fake abortion clinic, everyone,” because I was kind of like the pragmatic one or whatever. He was more creative so he went over and in six-foot-tall red letters he wrote, “God is gay.” [applause] ”

Kathleen Hanna, Our Hit Parade (via grrrlstudies)

I plan on getting a ‘god is gay’ tattoo

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